About Us

Having opened in 1968, Capri Cinema has nearly half a century’s worth of glamorous history during which it has been synonymous with high quality films, all-encompassing sound, and enchanting picture quality; all housed in a comfortable, friendly and inviting family environment facilitated by ample parking space.We are now rated as one of the best-maintained Single Screen General Audience Cinema in Pakistan with a capacity of 809 seats divided into 3 classes, allowing us to cater to all income groups with reasonably priced tickets and concessions.

To live up to the tradition of continuous improvement, Capri has been constantly upgrading its picture quality, sound quality, air-conditioning, comfort factors and audience refreshments areas.

Our regular customers rave about our bright and crystal clear picture quality, huge screen (which is now 24 by 56 feet), and enviable sound. This has been achieved by the installation of a state-of-the-art Barco Digital projector, which is, till date, the company’s flagship 4k model coupled with latest true 7.1 channel Dolby Digital processor.

The brilliant sound, which is one of our fortes, is delivered by 8 professional American QSC amplifiers pumping 13 JBL & KCS professional speakers behind the screen and 12 high power KCS surround speakers. All speakers in unison are capable of handling 11,000 watts of continuous pink signal. What this means in non-technical terms is this: our sound is spectacular.

We hold many  accolades for screening great Hollywood films  such as Raiders of the Lost Ark, which ran uninterrupted for 42 weeks; followed by films like It’s a Mad Mad World, Cliffhanger, First Blood and the Rambo series to name a few. And of course there was Pakistani smash hit Yeh Dil Aap Ka Hua.

So why all the fuss? Why do people keep coming to our classic single-screen cinema despite the many wonderful new options? We invite you to See, Feel & Hear the Big Experience awaiting to embrace you, and it’ll all be made clear.

Crystal clear.